Like this website, the Katie Project is currently under construction.

The Katie Project is founded and being developed by Alyssa Wright. The Project's aim is to use music to assist victims and survivors of childhood sexual abuse -- by giving them a voice with which to express the unspeakable, and a safe community in which to do so.

After an initial flurry of excitement, the "seed funding" we were expecting to receive was significantly delayed. It's FINALLY arrived!!! We are currently getting the paperwork together to make this all happen at last, and promise to keep you posted. If you wish to assist in putting this project together, or have any questions about its future, please contact us at admin@katieproject.ca.

We are currently working with a number of service providers, lawyers and consultants, so that we are ready to zoom forward as soon as the initial set-up is finalized.

While we wait to be "official", we are doing some behind-the-scenes assistance with the theatre piece "Music For The Changing Voice" – receiving its professional premiere with Talk Is Free Theatre in April & May, 2019 – and the accompanying "cast recording" CD release, to be released in April.  This is a one-act play in story and song, dealing with the complex dynamics within an incestuous family, and how one silenced survivor found her voice again.  We are currently partnering with local organizations to make sure that audience members and the local community have access to support and resources to help process their own stories.

Once we're officially up and running, our first task will be a fundraising and awareness-raising CD, tentatively titled Songs for Katie. It will include songs that deal with this "taboo" subject, but most importantly will offer songs of hope and encouragement for the survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Artists who have expressed an interest to contribute to this project include Rob LutesKev CorbettChris MacLeanNEeMA, and Alyssa Wright. If you have a song you would like to contribute, or would otherwise like to be involved in this project please do get in touch with us! 

In the meantime, we ask that you help us break the silence and end the cycle of childhood sexual abuse, in any way you're able. Be aware, report abuse of any form to your local Children's Aid or anti-abuse organization. If you are a victim, call your local crisis line and get the assistance you need. If you are a survivor, there are many services available to help you re-build your emotional tool-box -- seek out an organization in your area that can help you overcome the damage caused. If you are a "thriver" (our word for those who have not just survived, but recovered to a point where they are vital enough to provide strong, positive change), then please join us in speaking out -- tell your story, let the victims and survivors know they are not alone, they can break the cycle, and there is TONS of hope for the future!

As this website develops, we are hoping to publish the stories of some of our "Thrivers", including that of our founder. If you have a story you wish to share (anonymously or with full or partial identification -- it's up to you), we would love to hear from you at admin@katieproject.ca.

Thank you so much for your interest in the Katie Project, and for helping to give a voice to the voiceless.

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